Monday, 28 February 2011

Adele Rave!

I love Adele!
I think she has the most amazing voice ever :]
We have both of her albums 19 and 21 in our household.
They are both really good and strongly recommend that you check them out!
Someone like you has to be my all time favourite of hers also I think that Rumour is amazing too :]


  1. i dont know how to send you an email, i'm pants with this stuff! thank you lovely lady for having a read of my blog! i'm glad youre liking it! loving yours too, its much prettier than mine!! xxxx

  2. I'm in love with her new album too, I've listened to it countless times! x

  3. Im rubbish with computers too! I love your new scrap book blog!!

    Tess,Im glad you like her album as much as I do :) Thankyou for following.